Amazing Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

Shabby chic interior highlights aging furniture look as well as rustic accents. Many people prefer this style since it can resurrect the nostalgic look and old time’s beauty. This post today comes with various shabby chic bathroom ideas that show the beauty from the past. Have a look!

The beginning image of the gallery features a small bathroom with graceful old time look. This shabby chic bathroom offers such alluring beige retro bathtub. This awesome claw foot bathtub is matched with astounding retro beige curtains on the windows. The shabby look is enhanced with the rustic wood bathroom bench next to the bathtub. Moreover, the distressed white cabinet on the left also highlights the rustic outlook. For the flooring, weathered slate floor seems to be a good choice to accentuate shabby chic beauty.

Here we encounter a lovely bathroom with classic theme. The classic architecture features vaulted ceiling and arched windows. There are many elements to build shabby chic interior in this bathroom. A claw foot bathtub comes with rustic ornamented feet. Next to it, the round bathroom vanity has two drawers with rustic brass handles. Moreover, the designer adds a shabby chic dressing area. A distressed gray vanity serves shabby chic furniture together with an iron dressing chair. In addition, the flooring plan here involves hexagonal stone tiles with shabby gray tone.

What a great retro bathroom we have here. It has a private shower area enclosed with retro sheer curtains. This shower are also has a mini chandelier that is hung above a retro white bathtub. Furthermore, the white timber wall accentuates traditional quality. The designer also wanted to highlight shabby chic outlook through the window. He decorated the window with retro floral curtains, which are hung with wooden rods. Meanwhile, the quilted bathroom mat spices up the shabby chic beauty.

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