Earthy and Inviting Traditional Kitchen Designs

Nowadays, kitchen designs are not only about modern decoration and contemporary furnishings. Instead, traditional kitchen style could also be a perfect option to bring back the earthy feel of a kitchen. To help you designing your own traditional kitchen, this post features several admirable traditional kitchen designs for you to follow. Check this out!

Starting from the very first image, we can see such admirable kitchen interior with traditional touches. The dark brown wood wall cabinets become classy place to put your kitchen utensils. The solid wood cabinets also come with ceramic top and a traditional apron sink. The presence of white tile backsplash also evokes the traditional quality. Across the wood cabinetry, an antique cupboard serves another storage option for your kitchen equipment. The dining set in the corner also helps to define the traditional style. It promotes a gorgeous wood table with a traditional tablecloth and four arrow back chairs around it.

Next, we show you an elegant kitchen with traditional decoration idea. The sturdy white marble kitchen island is a perfect focal point. It serves glossy marble top and a primary sink as well. Low bar stools in front of it also show traditional black leather cushions as well. The flooring base serves traditional quality using lacquered maple woods. Above the kitchen island antique pendant lights are hung with some rustic chairs. For the storage plan, this country kitchen uses antique cabinets and cupboards with traditional lines and carvings.

The last kitchen uses traditional cabinetry as well. The cabinet set coms with sturdy wood base and has plenty of decorative carvings on it. A colonial kitchen island is set in front of the cabinets. It offers antique hardwood base and brown laminate floor. The rustic metal stools also work like charm to add traditional attribute to this kitchen interior.

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