Most people consider tiles or ceramics to build their kitchen backsplash. However, another alternative you could try to set your backsplash is using bead board material for backsplash, which is considered as much affordable choice. Just like tiles, bead board also easy to customize. Here are some examples for you about the use of bead board for backsplash.

The gallery will be opened with this amazing shabby chic kitchen design. The kitchen offers beautiful distressed cabinet set. You will see the rustic white wall shelves with textured glass doors. There is also a great hardwood kitchen cabinetry featuring brown laminate countertop. Across the kitchen cabinets, you will find a colonial island with lacquered top and under mount sink is surrounded with rustic wood chairs. Take a look at the cool backsplash design. The gray bead boards are customized well to form such traditional and nostalgic backsplash design idea.

Check out also a full white kitchen promoted in the second image. This kitchen has an alluring white dining set with a mini iron chandelier above it. The full white storage units set the tone of the kitchen interior. They include bead board wall cabinets with raised panel doors. The cabinets below them also have outstanding storage features with various drawer styles.In addition, the dark gray granite countertop gives the kitchen an earthy outlook. The white bead board backsplash follows the white scheme of the kitchen interior. It features rectangular bead boards arranged in vertical style.

Another wonderful kitchen steals the spotlight in the last picture. It presents a laminate top island with earthy brown tone. Also, the vertical shelving units also look clean with white finishing. The white scheme of the cabinetry is matched with the white backsplash design. The backsplash has bead board material painted in white and decorated with some wall stickers.

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